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23/03 Osama Abdulrasol Quintet – Menen (Belgium)

20u15 CC De Steiger, Waalvest 1, 8930 Menen

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Osama Abdulrasol QuintetOsama Abdulrasol qanun –Philippe Thuriot accordion – François Taillefer drums – Lode Vercampt cello – Helena Schoeters vocals

Thanks to his magically skilful playing on the qanun (lap harp), Osama Abdulrasol has succeeded in making a valuable contribution to the Belgian and international world music scene for many years now. The tunes on his new CD Jedid therefore provide a bridge between East and West. Osama Abdulrasol’s compositions obviously have their origins in his place of birth, old Babylon in Iraq, but are also enhanced with influences from all over the world. His ensemble’s performance, featuring the qanun, vocals, accordion, cello and percussion, demonstrate what the future may hold in store, how different backgrounds, styles and languages may be combined to create a new sound.

24/03 Bach in Time: een benefietconcert voor Rosario – Bever (Belgium)

17u00 Rosario, Poreel 10A, 1547 Bever

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Improvising on Bach is as playing a trick on the theories of Bohr, Einstein or Hawkins. Say Bach and you say ‘perfection of music’, no changes needed/Bach’s music is perfect, complete and needs no changes. Anyway, that was the general thinking … Improvising on Bach’s music was for several years in the back of my mind, like a dormant volcano. But before coming out with this/But before I would take Bach’s music and use it to create music with freedom, one must master Bach’s music to the letter. Bach’s idiom was thé source of inspiration to combine contemporary idioms to music of more than 300 years. The result : a varied programme , taking Bach’s music in unexpected directions. Unraveling The Prelude in c, only the chord structure remains, constructing something else … a bit similar to combining a classified baroque façade with a modern building. The Choral from the ‘Matthäus-Passion’ becomes a nostalgic “song”, the Badinerie  turns into Balkan music, a Minuet gets an Argentinian touch and a Gique is like an Irish Jig on a diatonic accordion. Briefly, Bach’s oeuvre is the starting point, the improvisations are like X-rays, they reveal the core of Bach’s greatness.

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30/03 Tineke Van Ingelgem & Philippe Thuriot – Dendermonde (Belgium)

19u30 St-Gertrudiskerk, Vlassenbroek


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